3D Badges & Medals

3 Dimensional products as the Name implies. The surface of the product would be multi-layered, gradient surface or undulating surface. The mold or template for this manufacturing method will be more time consuming than 2 Dimensional designs.

3 Dimensional die are hand crafted by a highly skilled die master with years of apprenticeship, the more intricate and small details the higher the level of skill is required. Hence the cost will vary according to the intricacy of the design.

The Production processes and material that are used in 3 Dimensional productions are the same as the 2 Dimensional medals. With intricate design and highly details 3 Dimensional medals, it is recommended that the thickness should not be too thin, no thinner than 3mm thick otherwise the image on the 3 Dimensional medallions will not appear as a sharp and clear image.

Simple 3 dimensional design, it is general more economically if cast production method is use.

However highly details and with intricate design we would recommend Die stamp production method in order to truly reflect the quality of the medals and reproduce high accuracy of the design.