Printed Epoxy Badges

A Printed Metal badge is also known as full colour or offset printing. This manufacturing method is utilized when there is gradient color or shading in the design or you have a limited budget. This production technique is the most economical way to produce a Metal Badge. A range of material can be used, but the most affordable would be 0.8mm thick Aluminium or Stainless Steel material. However at Ebadges, we will always use a minimum thickness of 1.0mm Material plus clear epoxy resin to give it an overall thickness of approximately 1.6mm this will give the badge a nice a sturdy and quality feel.

The enamel paint printed on the metal material can be scratched or marked if handle carelessly.  To protect the printed surface of the metal badge, we will apply a hard epoxy resin to cover over the top.

Like most things in life generally the more affordable product, it will serve its purpose and is practical.  Printed metal badge may be the most economical but the fasteners of the printed badge cannot be welded or soldered onto to the back of the printed metal badge.

Soldering or welding produces high heat this will burn the printed paint on the surface of the metal badge, so to adhere the fastener to the printed badge.  High industrial strength glue is used to attach the fastener onto the back of the badge.

The minimum cost per order for up to 50 badges is approximately $370.00 + Freight all Plus GST for a badge size of about 25mm or one Inch across.

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