Imitation Hard Enamel Silkscreen Badges

This method of manufacturing is utilized when the Design is complicated and intricate.
But you still like the elegant look of an Imitation Hard Enamel pin.
The Logo or Brand design has very fine lines or intricate minute detail; we will not be able to use a syringe to fill in the color because the recessed metal is just too small for a syringe tip to be used.

Enamel is a liquid paint; a syringe is used to fill the enamel color paint into a recessed area on the surface of the metal badge.  Some badges design, the details are very fine and elaborate; the syringe tip cannot fit into the tiny sunken area of 1.0mm square or smaller.  So we cannot use enamel filling method, hence we will need to use a silkscreen printing method to screen-print (Silkscreen printing, the enamel color paint is oozed through the fine microscopic holes of screen fabric.) the color of the intricate design is printed onto the imitation hard enamel surface. Each color will need a separate screen.

Silkscreen technique cannot be used with genuine hard enamel or Cloisonné badge pin.  Because the hard enamel surface is hard and extremely smooth glass like substance so the enamel paint won’t adhere to its surface.

Imitation Hard Enamel with Silkscreen we combine 2 manufacturing processes.
It is as though we have finished making an Imitation Hard Enamel and then we start another manufacturing process.
We need to make the Silkscreen according to the intricate design then we Screen-print each color and each color needs a separate Silkscreen.  It is as though we are making the badges twice over but it will enable us to produce a badge that will conforms to the strict guideline of a corporate design and turn an intricate and challenging artwork into the most beautiful and elegant badge.  It’s challenging but the Result is an amazing looking badge.

The minimum cost per order for up to 50 badges is approximately $425.00 plus GST for a badge size of approximately 25mm or one Inch across for the finished Imitation Hard enamel badge plus 1 colour Silkscreen.

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