Custom Made Stamped Medals


Die Struck medal or die stamp medals is the traditional production process of medal manufacturing.  It is often more time consuming but a more details quality medallions can be produced.   Die with the custom design is required to be produced and another tool is also required which will be used to punch out the shape of the Medal refer to our home page for more details.  These need to be manufactured first, before any medallions production can start.  The die is then use to strike the image of the custom design on a strip of metal material.   The custom design imprint on the strip of metal is then required to be punched out to custom shape dictated by the design.   The custom design medal is now ready for further steps in the manufacturing process for more details you can read about it on our home page.

Only Die struck production method is able to achieve mirror finished surface on a medal. Mirror finished medals are very time consuming.

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