Photo Etched Epoxy Badges

Photo Etched Epoxy Badge. Also known as a Chemical Etched Badge, the color filling and contour shape cutting process is exactly the same as Stamped Soft Enamel Epoxy.  A syringe is used to fill the enamel paint onto the surface of the badge. This type of manufacturing is generally more application specific.
The surface of etched badges tends to be shinier and a more uniform shine than Stamped Soft Enamel Epoxy Badges, however the difference won’t be too obvious to the untrained eye.

With Etching process, we can use Brass, Aluminium and Stainless Steel material.   With this method of manufacturing the metal surface on the finished badge is very shiny for Brass material.  The Photo-etched process is sometime use for a more intricate design but there is some limitation, if the size of the badge is small. 

The minimum cost per order of up to 50 badges is approximately $325.00 plus GST for a badge size of approximately 25mm or one Inch across for Brass Material.

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