Personalised Keyrings

Personalised keyrings or keychains for all types of businesses and occasions


We will help you design and create corporate or business keyrings to bring out the best in your brand and impress your customers.

Custom-made to your liking

Let us design and manufacture your keyrings according to your specific requirements. We will manufacture your keyrings in all types of shapes and metals within a quick turnaround.


Our flexibility in design and manufacturing enables you to create year 12 graduation keyrings that will make your event memorable and special.

How It Works?

We’re ready as you are to make your key rings enhance your brand and impress your customers. Here’s how it works:

Request for a free quote – Together, we will work with you to understand your specific needs (design, metal thickness and quantities) that are within your budget

We’ll look at your design and requirements to help us understand what materials, colours and shapes you need

Your requirements help us determine the most suitable manufacturing processes and the materials to use for your quality keyrings. Please note: Our minimum order quantity is 50 pieces per design.

Allow us to take your worries away

Let’s help you with your design process
Your artwork or design plays an important role in determining the final look of your keyring.
We understand that you want the best design for your key ring because it represents your brand or what matters most to you.
As a business, you want to stand out and give these gifts or tokens to your clients to ensure they remember you. We will simplify your design and bring out its best in a keyring that’s free of charge.

For more demanding designs, we want to eliminate the complexity of the design and production process.

We will make trusted recommendations to simplify your design by making it more economical and value for your money.

Variety of Materials

Our materials and outcomes
Material is just as important as design for your key ring. We use a variety of materials and will recommend the best one that suits your budget.

Etched Aluminium or Stainless Steel

Suitable for Value conscious situation.
If your Logo, Corporate Brand or your Unique Design are simple and the colour is solid (not shaded or gradient) we recommend etched aluminium or stainless steel because of its affordability and ability to produce a stylish look.

Printed Aluminium or Stainless Steel

Suitable for: More complex designs.
These production method will bring out the best in your vibrant colours, logos and branding. Your custom design keyrings or custom corporate imagery will print as high definition onto the surface of the Aluminium or Stainless Steel material. To ensure the colours last, the finishing will be protected with an epoxy resin surface coating to give it a brilliant polish to the Keyrings.

Etched, Stamped, Printed Brass or Stainless Steel

Suitable for: Designs with an emphasis on various metal color.
Your personalised keyring can be coated with various platings such as Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper, Black Nickel, Bronze, Antique Silver, and Antique Gold. This finishing is ideal for offering shiny luxury products or for or aged looking products for various application or purposes.

Printing type

Our printing options on various materials
Personalised Logo printed Keyring
Suitable for: Complex and colourful designs
Bring out the best in your designs by printing them exactly to the colours that you want on your logo printed keyring.
If opting for custom printing on brass, the printed ink will be coated with an epoxy resin surface cover in order to protect the ink while giving it a brilliant finish to the keyrings.

Etched Corporate Logo Keyring

Suitable for: Detailed lines and designs
This printing style is perfect for designs or artwork that have fine details, small lines or dots. Because the design is etched, the recessed or sunken areas of the metal are more shallow and shinier than Stamped.
It is optional to have the epoxy resin cover over the surface of the Keyrings, but we highly recommend it. The plating is available with all variety of plating options.


Suitable for: Designs that require more flexibility
This design creates embossed and debossed plus multilayer relief work with three-dimensional effect and color enamel filling. This option provides more flexibility and options to better accommodate the design when compared to the etched method. However, it also produces the result of what the Etched process does. We can do this with various types of plating.


Suitable for: Designs that require more texture and/or holes cut out
This material can provide the same flexibility and more option as Brass and Iron material. In addition to the larger size Keyrings and three-dimensional design with multiple holes, this material is more economical and favourable than the stamped production method. We can make this with all the various types of plating.


You can order your personalised car club keyrings to show that you are a club member


You can order your personalised keyring in bulk from us at any given in time.

Our Experience and product range
For more than 25 years, we’ve mastered and established the most cost-effective methods to produce quality key rings for any occasion. We’ve worked with business owners, corporates, clubs and individuals who want to make a statement and leave a positive impression on others.

Let us help you design and produce your perfect personalised keyring today


Our Guarantee

Your money back if we don’t meet your expectations
We’re so confident that you will love your personalised key rings. But if for any reason the finished product is not up to your expectations, we’re happy to go through a recreation process with you. Or have the products returned to us and we’ll refund you your money.

Please note that our minimum order quantity is 50 pieces per design.

Extra info

Tips on how to create the best high-quality and stylish personalised keyring
Your personalised keyrings can be produced in a myriad of shapes and sizes. You can choose to have your designs on one or both sides.

As you would want your keyrings to be the correct weight, we recommend making the badge part of the keyring size no bigger than 50mm across and thicker than 2mm for two-dimensional Custom Keyrings.

If you want to make badges or medallions into personalised keyrings, we will help you to fix the keyrings or keychains attachment to the badges of medallions.