Imitation Hard Enamel Badges

If you are looking for an economical yet a better finished look, that is an alternative to a Hard Enamel, then an Imitation Hard Enamel Badge is the perfect solution. 

For decades the common base material used in the manufacturing process of Imitation Hard Enamel would be either Brass or Copper.  Brass is the default material used in the Imitation Hard Enamel Badges pin as it is a less expensive material than copper. 

However in recent years for a small size product, iron material can also be used to produce Imitation Hard Enamel Badges.  Iron material is more economical than Brass and Copper.  But by default at Ebadges we will only use Brass material as it is a better quality material than Iron. 

The production of Imitation Hard Enamel processes are similar to that of Hard Enamel but coloring filling and polishing stages do not require repetition therefore generally it is more affordable than hard enamel. 

The common method of color filling an enamel badge is to use a syringe to fill the enamel paint into a sunken area on the surface of the metal badge.  The smallest syringe tip would be approximately 0.8mm point.  So if any coloring area is smaller than 1.00 square millimeters, coloring cannot be done. We will need to employ and combine 2 manufacturing processes to achieve the desired design.

Imitation hard enamel also requires stoning the same way as hard enamel.  But Imitation Hard Enamel is synthetic so it creates a really nice shiny, smooth and elegant looking surface on the badge. Without a doubt brass or copper material finished in imitation hard enamel will produce the best looking and quality badges.

The look of Imitation Hard Enamel Badges undoubtedly would be the most elegant out of all the Enamel badges.  The surface has a glitzy shine, looks beautiful but not overpowering shine as to mask the details of the badge design due to reflection.

Imitation Hard Enamel general does not require a clear dome (Hard Clear Resin) cover on the surface of the badge.  Contact us to discuss your need.

The minimum cost per order for up to 50 badges is approximately $430.00 + Freight all plus GST for a badge size of about 25mm or one Inch across.

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