Hard Enamel Cloisonne Badges


For the ultimate top quality enamel badges pin, Hard Enamel Badges is your first choice. Also known as Vitreous enamel or Cloisonné Badges, this is the traditional technique of badge making. The base material is copper and the color enamel is a fine glass granules.  Each enamel color is mixed with water and filled in a sunken area with raised thin copper outline to encapsulate the glass enamel granule and water mixture.  A metal spatula is used to fill the mixture into the sunken area.  The mixture is melted at extremely high temperatures using an industrial blow torch then air-cooled.  The molten surface of the hard enamel is uneven and undulating.

To make the surface flat, a sharpening stone is required to grind off the undulating surface of the molten glass enamel. The melting and stoning process is repeated a number of times to ensure the enamel is fully filled and fully covered the whole sunken surface area. While this is the most time consuming method, it produces the highest quality possible in an enamel badge.

This type of enamel the color will not fade.  The surface of the vitreous enamel is extremely hard and is scratched and dent proof.  If it is well kept, it can last a life time.  However the color range is limited comparing to other types of enamel color badges.

For such a timeless quality piece of item, we would recommend that only our own exclusively design premium quality brooch fastener or a deluxe fastener is to be used and welded to the back of the badge.

The minimum cost per order of up to 30 badges is approximately $450.00 plus GST for a badge size of approximately 25mm or one Inch across.

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