Premium Printed Epoxy Badges

With this option we take the best of both worlds and combine it to make a Premium quality printed metal badge overcome a challenging artwork.  With a printed badge, the fastener cannot be soldered or welded to the back of the badge because the printed ink on the surface of the metal badge will be burnt due to the intense heat caused by welding or soldering.  To overcome this challenge, we have to combine 2 manufacturing processes together hence requiring twice the amount of work and therefore more labour hours.

In the first stage of production, we use the same manufacturing process as the stamping Soft Enamel Epoxy badge method.  We use a metal backing.  We stamp the metal to create a sunken area that has the same contour shape of your design with raised metal border.  We then soldered or welded the fastener to the backside of the metal backing plate.

In the second stage of production, we then print your artwork onto a very thin metal material and cut to the same contour shape of your design.  We will then insert the printed plate into the stamped recessed metal backing plate produced in the first stage.  To finish off the badge we apply an epoxy resin over the top of the printed plate and recessed metal backing to form the finished badge.

The minimum cost per order of up to 50 badges is approximately $450.00 plus GST for a badge size of about 25mm or one Inch across.

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