Custom Design Branded Keyrings

When you have an idea and want to turn your idea and concept in your mind into reality, well, you have landed at the right place.
To save time and cost before contracting a Graphic Designer to draw your Custom Keyrings or Keychains Design.
It’s best at this early stage when you conjure up that idea or concept of your Keyring. It would be the best time to start contacting us for a consultation through email or a phone conversation by describing your idea. We can help provide you with guidelines on the most appropriate way to design the artwork.

Experience with our clients

We have had experience on the rare occasion when our client comes to us with their final design, which is too elaborate and complex. To turn the elaborate design into the physical product, we need to employ many complex production processes during manufacturing. Hence requires labour intensive and process-intensive; therefore, it would significantly increase the production cost, which is unnecessary.

Therefore, after consultation, we can make recommendations and simplify the design to make it more economical. Yet, it doesn’t compromise the integrity of the design. If the design is not too complex, we can simplify it in house for our clients free of charge.

However, if it is too complex, our client needs to return to their Graphic Designer to rework the design; hence may incur additional time and cost.

Hence we would recommend contacting us with your brief at the first instance by emailing us. Get our e-mail from the contact page.

We can make personalised Keychains in metal to a range of qualities. The Artwork or Design could play a key role in determining the look of the prestigious or standard custom design Keyring.

When you can, please provide us with an accurate description of your Keyring or how you would like to use your Keyrings.
We can then determine which manufacturing process or processes to employ and which material to use to produce your Keyrings for the proper purpose.

All variety of shapes and sizes and various quality Badges or Medallions can all be made into Customised Keyrings by attaching the various Keyrings or Keychains attachment to the Badges of Medallions.


The production and ranges of quality of Keyrings or Keychains are the same as Badges and Medallions. If you want to know more in detail how they are produced, visit our home page.

We can produce them in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Because it is a Custom or Branded Keyring, they can be made as one-sided or two-sided. However, we recommend making the Badge part of the Keyring size not bigger than 50mm across and thicker than 2mm for two-dimensional Custom Keyrings.
Any bigger or thicker than that, it could get quite heavy.

The Material That We Use

Materials that we use are Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Iron, Zinc Alloy or Brass.

Depending on the budget, functionality, application and design, we will recommend the material used to produce your Keyrings according to your budget and design. However, if you do not provide us with a budget, we will provide the middle range, the most popular choice.

Etched Aluminium or Stainless Steel

If your Logo, Corporate Brand or your Unique Design are simple and the colour is solid, not shaded or gradient, this option is ideal as it is economical and still looks great.

Printed Aluminium or Stainless Steel

If your Logo, Corporate Brand or your Unique Design are complex with brilliant colour and with really creative complex artwork, your Custom Design Keyrings or Custom Corporate Band will exactly print straight onto the surface of the Aluminium material or Stainless Steel material. This option would be an ideal option as it is just as economical as the etched production process.

We will then protect the printed ink with an epoxy resin surface coating to give it a brilliant finish to the Keyrings.

Etched, Stamped or Printed Brass & Iron

With this type of material, it can be plated with various plating such as Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper, Bronze, Antique Silver and Antique Gold etc… In contrast, Aluminium and Stainless Steel cannot be plated, so they only come in their raw state.

Brass is considered to be of higher quality material than iron, stainless steel and Aluminium.

Custom Logo printed Keyring

If your Logo, Corporate Brand or your Unique Design are complex with brilliant colour and with really creative complex artwork. This option would be ideal as we can have your design exactly as it is.

For all printed products to show on the plated Brass Material, the printed ink will be coated with an epoxy resin surface cover. The latter measure protects the ink and give a brilliant finish to the Keyrings.

The production method or processes are similar to that of Printed Aluminium and Stainless Steel material. Still, with the Brass material option, we can have all the various plating listed above.

Etched Corporate Logo Keyring

This option works if the design or artwork has fine details, small lines or dots, for example.
Because it is etched, the recessed or sunken areas of the metal are more shallow than Stamped.
Therefore we would recommend epoxy resin cover over the surface of the Keyrings. The plating is available with all variety of plating options.

Custom Logo Stamped Keyring

This option can provide more flexibility and options to better accommodate the design compared to the etched method. However, it also produces the result of what the Etched process does.

With the Stamped process, we cannot add epoxy resin cover over the surface. As the hollow or recessed areas where the enamel paint get filled in is more profound than etched.

Furthermore, the Stamped production processes can create embossed and debossed plus multilayer relief work with three-dimensional effect and color enamel filled is possible. We can make the above with all the various types of plating.

Zinc Cast Personalised Keyrings

This material can provide the same flexibility and more excellent options as Brass and Iron material. In addition to the larger size Keyrings and three-dimensional design with multiple holes. It can create embossed and debossed plus multilayer relief work with three-dimensional effect and colour enamel filled is possible the same way as a Stamped method.

However, the Zinc alloy Keyrings production method would be more economical and favourable than the stamped production method. In the same way as Stamped, we can make it with all the various types of plating.

The Application or Functionality of Keyrings or Keychains

The Application or Functionality of Keyrings is only limited to one’s imagination. However, once we know the purpose of your Keyrings, we can help you by providing a guideline for designing your Personalised Keyrings.

We can also help you design your Keyrings and provide you with a digital mock-up proof of your Keyrings.

Here are some examples of functionality and application and the various production processes for the more economical option. Of course, we also use Aluminium or Stainless Steel material to make your Keyrings.

Some examples of application and function

Company's Brand Awareness

You can have your Company Logo on one side, and on the other side, you can have your location or contact details. Keyring for Loyalty or incentivise your loyal clients. You can have your Business Brand on one side, and on the other side, you could have a 10% Loyalty Discount and have it sequentially numbered.

Examples of Business

Real Estate

To promote Real Estate business and or Brand with their contact details at the back of the Keyring.

Car Dealer

To give a car logo Keyring or Car Brand or car keys Keyring to their customer

Mechanic Repair

To promote mechanic repair business and or Brand with their contact details at the back of the Keyring.

Cafe Restaurant

To promote Cafe Restaurant business and or Brand Keyring to incentivised their loyal clients.


To promote their Hotel Name and a returned address if someone finds the keys

Club Membership - Paid Members

Bar & Club – Incentivise Loyal Clients

Night Club VIP Medallion Keychain

To Award Special clients

Exclusive Clubs

To give to only high-Value member

Sporting Club

Sport club members can get the Keyring or Keychain with their Club Logo and possibly unique member number

This list of Applications and Functions is diverse as your need.

The range of Keyring products is only limited to your imagination and cannot be all listed here.Contact us via our QUOTE page with your keyrings description and concept.