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At Ebadges we design, manufacture and supply a wide range of Custom Made Metal Products and Accessories, individually tailored to your specific requirements.

Personalised Keyrings and Keychains

Our personalised keyrings are badges with a different attachment. We produce our custom keyrings or personalised keychains to order, according to the design you require including your logo.


We can produce your custom keyrings in a myriad of shapes and sizes, however, we recommend making the badge part of the keyring no bigger than 50mm across and no thicker than 2mm. Any bigger or thicker and it will be too heavy.


Custom Logo Keyrings

With the different production methods employed in badges and medallions production, the same can be applied to custom keyrings, which can be made with images both on the front and back.

We are confident we can find a solution to suit your needs.


Custom Design Keyrings

If you have any questions about our production process, our capabilities or any designs that you have in mind, please contact us today. We have been providing professional services for a wide range of clients such as sporting clubs, cub and scout groups and schools throughout the area for many years. When you need personalised keyrings and keychains, we are the company that you can rely on.


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