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At Ebadges we design, manufacture and supply a wide range of Custom Made Metal Products and Accessories, individually tailored to your specific requirements.

Custom & Cheap Medals and Medallions- Melbourne, Australia

Ebadges have many decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Custom designs, Corporate Brands, Sporting Clubs, Social Clubs, Educational Institutions, Medals, and Medallions in Melbourne, Australia.

Tailored To Desired Size & Shape

We can make medals or medallions tailored to your desired Size and Shape.

Personal Skills

With many years of experience producing medals, we acquired in-depth knowledge and personal skills in the medals and medallions production processes, which enable us to add creative flair and attention to the details during the productions processes to give a wow factor to the finished medals. In so doing, we can make the final finished medals look great.

Variety & Materials To Accommodate Your Budget

We have a variety of plating and finishes. In addition, we offer a range of materials and various production processes choices to accommodate your budget. Whichever material choices or production processes, we ensure your custom medals or medallions will professionally reflect your Custom Design, Corporate Brands, Sporting Clubs, Social Clubs, and Educational Institutions.

Medal Manufacturers Process

All medals and medallions can also be produced using the same production processes and techniques as utilized in the badges productions if required.

We can fill enamel to the medals and medallions the same way for enamel and printed badges.

Medals for School, Corporate & Sport & Commemorative Medallions

Whether you require school medals to award academic excellence, corporate medals to award momentous achievement of goals, sporting medals to award sporting achievement, or commemorative Medallions to commemorate an event, we employ different manufacturing processes and materials tailored to suit your requirement.

Gold, Copper, Silver, Bronze, Nickel & Brass Plated Medals

All Medals can be plated with Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze, Black Nickel, Antique Gold, Antique Brass, Antique Silver, Matt Silver, and Matt Gold. We endeavour to find a solution to suit your need.

Price will depend on the Design, Quantity, Quality, Size, Thickness, and Material used in the production.

Medals Made To Order

A medal can have a single-sided or double-sided design with various thicknesses.

Singled side and a thinner medal are generally more economical.

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