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At Ebadges we design, manufacture and supply a wide range of Custom Made Metal Products and Accessories, individually tailored to your specific requirements.

Soft enamel epoxy badge is the most popular product as this is the middle of the range in terms of Quality and Value.  More economical than Imitation Hard Enamel and Hard Enamel, a Soft Enamel Epoxy Badges pin would be ideal for a balance between wanting an enamel badge and yet affordable.  


Soft enamel badge is baked at lower temperatures than imitation Enamel.

Enamel Paint

Soft Enamel is liquid enamel paint similar to the paint used on a car.   The Enamel paint can be chipped off the surface of the badge if it is accidently pricked by a sharp metallic object or soiled in a dusty environment.   So we need to cover the enamel paint with a hard clear resin known as Epoxy coating on the surface of the badge to protect the enamel and it will also give it a beautiful shiny finished look on the badge. 


The minimum cost per order of up to 50 badges is approximately $380.00 plus GST for a badge size of about 25mm or one Inch across.

We offer 100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee or it’s FREE Remake