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At Ebadges we design, manufacture and supply a wide range of Custom Made Metal Products and Accessories, individually tailored to your specific requirements.

Years of Service Badges

Years of service badges are a fantastic means of rewarding and recognising those who have given their time and hard work to a company or organisation for an extended period of time. Whether you want to reward an employee who has worked at your company for a number of years,or recognise a volunteer who has given their time to your group, club or community organisation, Ebadges can help you to design and create a badge that will commemorate any number of years of service.


The Benefits of Recognition

Giving a badge entailing years of service is a great way to provide recognition to those who have been with your company or organisation for a long time. Not only does it acknowledge and reward their commitment and loyalty, but it also serves as an inspirational reminder to others of what they could also one day achieve.


For employees, years of service badges have the power to motivate and inspire, encouraging workers to continue to stay with your company. These badges can also allow others to easily identify how long a person has been in a role, encouraging them to strive to receive a badge themselves. This results in a positive situation for both the person receiving the badge as well as your company.


For volunteers, a badge of recognition is a great way to show the appreciation of your organisation. It’s also a way of thanking them for their loyalty to your organisation and all the hard work they have contributed to it over the years.


Create Custom-made Years of Service Badges with Ebadges

Ebadges make it easier than ever to create custom-made years of service badges online. Simply choose from a wide range of style options and send us your design, and we will work with you to turn your badge into a reality.


Our badges can be manufactured in a variety of ways, each utilising different methods and differing in prices, ensuring there’s an option suitable for you and your budget. Our range includes:

  • Hard Enamel Badges
  • Imitation Hard Enamel Badges
  • Soft Enamel Epoxy Badges
  • Photo Etched Epoxy Badges
  • Silkscreen Badges
  • Printed Badges
  • Three Dimensional (3D) Badges

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